Communications 1999

Assignment #12 – Spelling in the Spotlight
A Briefe and True Report of the New Found Land of Virginia

Lessons we learned

  1. The elong_s.gif (334 bytes)(elongated s) is no longer used.
  2. The spelling of many words is different.
  1. E has been dropped from the end of several words.
  1. one became on.
  2. downe became down.
  3. grownde became ground.
  4. rownde became round.
  5. woemen became women.
  6. meate became meat (or perhaps meal).
  7. sorte became sort.
  8. suche became such.
  9. verye became very.
  10. eatinge became eating.
  11. trinkinge became drinking.
  12. beaste became beast.
  13. flesche became flesh.
  14. fishe became fish.
  15. consequentlye became consequently.
  16. longe became long.
  17. doe became do.
  1. therof added an e to become thereof.
  2. mids added a final t to become midst.
  3. The double t at the end of some words became a single t.
  1. matt is now mat.
  2. sett is now set.
  1. Double u has in some cases been replaced by a single u.
  1. grownde is now ground.
  2. rownde is now round.
  1. V and U reversed places in some words.
  1. vppon became upon.
  2. liued became lived.
  1. Y and I reversed places in other words.
  1. yt became it.
  2. mayz became maize.