Communications 2000

Assignment #19 - Clemency Board Vocabulary
Assigned: Friday, May 5, 2000
Due: Wednesday, May 10, 2000

Each Friday in May you'll get to grapple with a real problem that faced real people working together in a small group. On Friday, May 12 those of  you who qualify will "serve" as a member of a clemency board deciding a death penalty appeal.  To qualify, you must successfully complete this assignment.

On a clean, properly headed sheet of paper, do the following.

  1. Write out the term "Dictionary citation". Beneath it, write a citation for your dictionary. Your citation must contain the dictionary’s
  2. Title
    Publication Date

  3. For each word on the list at the bottom of this sheet you are to
  1. number and write out the word
  2. look up and read its definition in your dictionary
  3. choose a sense (legal if possible) to use in a sentence
  4. write out the part of speech for the sense you’ve chosen
  5. write a sentence using the word in the sense you’ve chosen
  6. proofread your sentence for spelling, punctuation, capitalization, clarity, and legibility


    1. consequently

Convicted of murder, she consequently went to jail.

The list

1. binge 11. homicide
2. boast 12. majority
3. chaplain 13. ministering
4. clemency 14. pardon
5. coalition 15. parole
6. commute 16. prosecutor
7. concur 17. redemption
8. confess 18. staunch
9. conversion 19. transform
10. embed 20. urge