Communications 1999

What follows are samples from the work I received as part of Assignment #5, part 3.   It is obvious that the students who composed these gems failed to proofread their work.  In many cases it was an effort for me to type them as they were written.   However, I did so faithfully.  What you see is what I saw.  How many mistakes can you spot and correct?

Ive learned the Growning cost of skipping college, that you can

I learned how much women dont get paid nearly as much as men for having the same college degree.

I learned that there are many education funding the need support that show effcted but their not geting it.

I learned afer people got out of h.s. people who could graduate don't and just get not good paying job which men get payed more in.

Private shools coast between 10,000 , and 12,000 a year.

The differents between the website on Tuesday and the back of the paper. to what we got today was.The one we got today have it on race the others don't.

I learned the divisions of race in celery. I also learned the total income of both sexes.

I learned that 1/3 of 18-24 year ole dont goto collage and they were dooing beter socialy when they were 10.

I learned things different about tg swaleor. I learned about people that have found out what we mean by getting paid from school.

I learned about someone who experianed getting paid from school. But he's getting paid little.

In the Almanac page I learned some of the facts About how much money people make.

I dont have the paper because you took it from me, but, I did learn that in 1996 that A high school gradate both totales as sexes makes 15,011. White not high school gradaeats makes 15,358 , black makes 13,110, hispanic makes 13,287. I ve learned you made less those days.

I learned the student's point of view on going to college and recieving a higher education. I also learned that people who attend college make more income per year as apose to someone who didint attend.

I didn't know that girls would rather be a dance hostast than go to collage

I also learn that in the first year of college alot of the kids drop out I never knew that.

I learned that blacks mak mor than hispanics

The Fight weve been waiting for.

I learned that Individual races themselves average out good money and not just gender.

I learned that lesser college degrees are being earned by students age 18-21.

the only differents beetwen the data om monday and tuesday to this one is that this one has data by race and the others dont.

the thing thmt I learned from the monitor story is that people dont go to school just because its not there thing but I think they just dont want to go to school.

On the almanac page we learned that different races of people have different earnings (not that I didn’t know that before.) and we learned the total for both sexes.