Communications 2000

Assignment #6 - Reference Books
Friday, November 19, 1999

In addition to the dictionary and thesaurus, the most common types of reference books are encyclopedias, almanacs and atlases. We will be working with all of them this quarter.

General Instructions

As you will need the General Knowledge Quiz to complete part 2 of this assignment, I will return it to you when I pick up part 1 on Tuesday, November 23, 1999.

Prepare your work for this assignment on separate sheets of paper headed with your name, the class name, the due date and the assignment number. Proofread your work for legibility, clarity, conciseness, spelling, punctuation, capitalization and completeness.

Specific Instructions

Part 1 Due Tuesday, November 23, 1999

    1. Write out the name of the dictionary you used for this assignment.
    2. Write out the complete definitions for each of the 5 types of reference books noted above. Number each type so that I can easily tell where one definition leaves off and the next begins.

Part 2 Due Tuesday, November 30, 1999

Complete the following 3 items for each question on the General Knowledge Quiz.

    1. Write out the question from the General Knowledge Quiz.
    2. Write the type of reference book in which you will most likely find an answer to this question.
    3. In a clear, concise and correctly written sentence, explain why you think that this type of reference book will most likely yield a correct answer.