Communications 1999

Assignment #1 – Your Day in History
Assigned: Friday, January 29, 1999

For this assignment, you will need to visit the Scope Systems Any Day in History web site at From there, call up the events for your birthdate (month and day). Once the page listing your birthday events is on the screen, print it out. Save the entire printout in the communications section of your binder for use when needed.

Prepare the following on separate sheets of paper. Head each paper using the format provided by Gloria. Proofread your work for legibility; punctuation; capitalization; spelling; and, in the case of part 3, conciseness and complete sentences. Number your answers.

Part 1 – due Monday, February 1, 1999

    1. What is your birthdate? (month, day and year)
    2. How many people on the web page you printed out share your birthday?
    3. Of them, for how many do you know information beyond that on the printout?
    4. Using the definition of influential we discussed in class today, list the names of those you would consider influential. Circle the one you believe to be the most influential.
    5. Using the definition of celebrity we discussed in class today, list the names of those you believe to be celebrities.

Part 2 – due Tuesday, February 2, 1999

    1. Identify a source of information for the person you chose as being most influential. If you are unable to find a source for this person, choose another influential person from the list for whom you can find a source.
    2. Write out the name of the influential person for whom you’ve found a source.
    3. Write out a properly formatted citation for this source. Select the appropriate sample from the reverse side of this sheet to use as a model.

Part 3 – due Thursday, February 4, 1999

Use the source selected in part 2 to prepare written answers to the following. Make a copy of your answers for your own use in class on Friday, February 5.

    1. What is the name of the influential person for whom you looked up information?
    2. In what year was s/he born?
    3. Where was s/he born? (city or town, and country)
    4. If dead, where and when did s/he die?
    5. Describe the achievement for which your subject is most well known.
    6. Explain how you think life today might be different had this person never lived.