Communications 1999

Assignment #4 – Your Day in History
Preparing for next week’s test
Assigned: Friday, February 19, 1999

Next Friday (February 26) I will give you a test to end this Communications class module. It will not be a memory test. You will be allowed to use anything listed in Handout #1 that I asked you to bring with you to class. However, you will only be allowed to use what you bring. I will not allow you to borrow from each other, go to your locker or get anything you may have left at some other place in the school.

To prepare for the test you should do the following. Review Handout #1 to see what you’ll need to have with you. Make certain that the Communications section of your binder is properly organized and that your Spelling Correction Sheet is complete. Review all of the handouts and assignments that I’ve given you. As part of the latter, you must insure that you understand the information each contains and any procedural instructions on them.

To answer the questions on the test, you’ll need to find information in your binder, then use it in some way. You will also need to proofread your answers to insure they are as correctly, concisely and clearly written as possible; and that you have followed instructions.

To help you in preparing, here are 4 sample questions that WILL NOT be on the test, but could have been.

  1. Who in the class has not given an oral report?
  2. What could a person find out about his/her birth date at each of the following sites that s/he could not find at the other two?
  1. Scope Systems
  2. The New York Times or Associated Press (whichever you used)
  3. the Library of Congress
  1. In 1947 a gallon of gasoline sold for $.18. In 1987 it sold for $1.07. What was its inflation rate? Show your calculations and circle your answer.
  2. Did the price of gasoline keep up with the general inflation rate between 1947 and 1987? Show any calculations necessary to arrive at your answer.