Communications 1999

Assignment #7 – Preparing for next week’s test
Assigned: Friday, March 19, 1999

Next Friday (March 26) I will give you a test to end this Communications class module. It will not be a memory test. You will be allowed to use anything listed in Handout #1 that I asked you to bring with you to class. However, you will only be allowed to use what you bring. I will not allow you to borrow from each other, go to your locker or get anything you may have left at some other place in the school.

To prepare for the test you should do the following. Review Handout #1 to see what you’ll need to have with you. Make certain that the Communications section of your binder is properly organized and that your Spelling Correction Sheet is complete. Review all of the handouts and assignments that I’ve given you. As part of the latter, you must insure that you understand the information each contains and any procedural instructions on them.

To answer the questions on the test, you’ll need to find information in your binder, then use it in some way. You will also need to proofread your written answers to insure they are as correctly, concisely and clearly written as possible; and to verify any calculations you’ve done. Lastly, you’ll need to make certain that you have followed all instructions.

To further help you prepare, you should review test #1 to see the type of questions I’ll ask in the first part of the exam. While none of the questions in that part of next week’s test will be from test #1, they will be similar in nature. However, they will require you to use the material with which we’ve worked this month.

For the last part of the test, you’ll have to complete a Form 1040EZ using the W2 form that I’ll give you at the time. The instructions will be identical to the sample on the accompanying sheet. The only difference will be the information on the W2.

To practice for the 1040EZ portion of the test, you should fill out your blank tax form using the numbers on the sample W2. I’ve included a correctly filled out tax form (viewing it requires the Adobe Acrobat PDF plug-in) on the backside of this sheet so that you can check your work. All questions you might have about this task should be answered if you pay close attention in class today, read the line by line instructions on the 1040EZ carefully, and use the 1040EZ instruction booklet when necessary.