Communications 2000

Sample Citations

Printed Matter

Digital Media


     CD-ROM or installed software

          Title: The 100

          Title: Microsoft Encarta 96 Encyclopedia

          Author: Michael H. Hart

          Publisher: Microsoft Corporation

          Publisher: Hart Publishing Co., Inc.

          Publication date: 1995

          Publication date: 1978

          Topic found: Einstein, Albert

          Chapter Title: 10 - Albert Einstein

          Page(s): 82-89


     Internet Site

          Article Title: A Look Ahead


          Publication Title: Newsweek

          Viewing date: January 6, 2000

          Publisher: Newsweek Inc.

          Publication date: January 27, 1997

          If found via a search engine also specify the

          Page(s): 48-49

               search engine URL:

          Author: Not available

               search criterion specified: greenland square miles
               total number of hits returned: 2,720


               search date: January 6, 2000

          Title: The World Book

          Publisher: Field Enterprises

          Publication date: 1962

          Volume: 3

          Page(s): 49-54

     Dictionary, Almanac or Atlas

          Title: Collegiate Dictionary, 10th Ed.

          Publisher: Merriam Webster Inc.

          Publication date: 1993

          Page(s): 1514