Communications 2001

Handout #1 - Expectations
Thursday, September 28, 2000

  1. Each day when you enter class, I expect you to
    1. come prepared with
      1. readily accessible paper, pencil(s), pen(s), eraser(s), calculator and dictionary (bound or electronic)
      2. the communications section of your binder containing your Spelling Correction sheet on top, followed by your assignment sheets, written work and handouts in reverse chronological order (the oldest sheet last)
    2. go directly to your seat without talking or creating distractions
    3. clear your mind of anything that might keep you from focusing your full attention on the upcoming class activities (perhaps by quietly deep breathing with your eyes closed)
    4. quietly organize your materials
    5. sit quietly and wait for me to begin class
  2. Once I begin class, I expect you to
    1. behave courteously in
      1. choice of words
      2. tone of voice
      3. facial expression
      4. gestures
    2. resolve conflicts peacefully by
      1. attempting to
        1. understand the other’s point of view
        2. find out specifically on what you agree and disagree
        3. reach a compromise
      2. bringing in a mediator if all else fails
    3. direct your full attention to class activities by
      1. keeping your eyes focused on the recognized speaker
      2. speaking only when you are called on
      3. asking appropriate questions
      4. summarizing another’s comments to his/her satisfaction
      5. following instructions without prompting
  3. Written assignments should be
    1. proofread for
      1. spelling
      2. punctuation
      3. capitalization
      4. complete sentences
      5. clarity
    2. prepared neatly and legibly
    3. completed thoughtfully and according to instructions