Communications 2001

Handout #2 - Grading Policy
Thursday, September 28, 2000

Your overall grade in this class (the one that will appear on your report card) will be calculated as a weighted average of your grades in each of the following categories:

Behavior in class (50%)

You will receive five behavior grades after each class period. I will base them on my observation of how well you settled down (10%), listened (10%), followed instructions (10%) and participated (10%) in that class; and how courteous you were (10%). For a list of the specific things I’ll look for, see Handout #1 - Expectations.

Assignments (40%)

When I grade written assignments, I look for complete work, the extent to which you’ve understood and followed instructions, neatness and legibility, clarity, and mechanics (spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and complete sentences). I grade oral assignments in a similar manner, although, of course, I look for audibility, eye contact, pacing, etc. instead of written mechanics, neatness and legibility. In order to do well in this category, you must think through each assignment I give you, ask questions about anything you do not understand, and set aside the time to do your best work.

This category includes quiz and test scores which I consider in-class assignments.

Spelling Sheet (10%)

Your spelling grade is based on two things: (1) the completeness and accuracy of your Spelling Correction Sheet, and (2) the extent to which you avoid future misspellings of words that you’ve misspelled on earlier assignments. Thus, you can misspell a great many words and still receive an A+ in this category. To do so, you simply have to follow instructions, and learn from your mistakes.

On the reverse side of this sheet is a sample grade report. You will receive one of these detailing your grade in the Communications class at the end of each quarter. This report tells you your overall grade; your grade in each category; the number of individual grades you received in each category; and how many of those were missing, late and incomplete.

If you want to discuss your grade (including how to improve it if there is enough time remaining in the grading period to do so), please e-mail me or talk with me outside of class to make a lunchtime or after school appointment.