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Friday, November 19, 1999

Earlier this week, the Kaiser Family Foundation released a report on kids’ media use. The authors polled children aged 2-18 in order to secure the information on which they based their report. Among many other things, they asked about the amount of time each spent using various media outside of school, and not required for school work.

I thought you might like to get a taste of what they did. For each medium listed below, write out what you believe is the average amount of time you spend using it each week. Place those answers in the table’s middle column. In the right-hand column, write down what you believe is the average amount of time spent by an average person of your age and gender. The print media category includes books, newspapers and magazines. The computer category would include the time you spend on the web, using e-mail, etc.

If you’re interested, you can read the complete report on the web at  The press release announcing the study contains information relevant to the table below.  It is located at


average time you think you spend each week

average time spent by kids your age and gender

Television (not on tape)


Taped TV Shows


Videotapes (commercial)


Movies (in theaters)


Video Games


Print Media




CDs and Tapes