Communications 2001

Spelling Errors
last updated: Monday, March 12, 2007

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Listed below are the words I've found misspelled on papers submitted by students in the Communications class so far this school year.  The correct spellings are in all CAPS.  The various misspellings are in lower case or mixed upper and lower case.  Click here to see the number of papers on which I found each of the following words misspelled.

ABOUT bout   DISORDER dis order   SELLING sellin
ADDICTED adickted   DOLLARS dollers   SERIOUS serrious
ADJECTIVE adjettive   DON'T dont   SET sett
ADS adds   FASCINATED vasinated   SOMETHING somthing
ADVERTISEMENTS advertisments   FEBRUARY Febuary   SPEAKS speakes
ADVERTISERS advertieser's   FOCUSED focus   STUFF stuf
  advertizers     fouchced   SUCCESS suckses
  adviticsor's   FOOLING fulling   SUMMARIZE sumerize
ADVERTISING avertizezing   GOVERNMENT goverment     summerize
AFFORD aford   HAVING haveing   TARGET taget
AN a   IMPORTANT importent   TARGETED targetted
APPROPRIATE appropiate   INTERESTING intresting   THE he
APPROXIMATELY aproxamitly   KNOW no   THEIR there
AROUND arrond   LANGUAGE lange     they're
  arround   LEARNED learnd   THEN ten
ASSIGNMENTS assinments   LESSON lession   THEY that
ATTENTION a tention   LOOKING Watching   THEY'RE Their
  atention   LOUD louad   THINGS thins
  tention   MADE maid   TOO to
BECAUSE becuse   MEANING mening   TRIES trys
BEING be   MECHANICAL mechnical   TWO to
BOTHER boter   MERRIAM Merrium   UNDERSTAND understan
BOWL beol   NAGGED naged   UPON uppon
BUYING buyin   NONSENSE nonsence   USED use
CALLED cald   OPPRESS opress   WEBSTERS Webser
CHEESE chees   PAID pay'd   WHAT wat
CLOTHES cloth's   PRACTICALLY practicly   WISE wize
COMMON commin   PRODUCTS produc   WITH wit
COMMUNICATIONS Comunications   REASONS resons      
CONSCIOUS concious   REPORT reapert      
CURRENTLY cerntenly   SAID say'd      
DIFFERENT diferent   SEEMS sime      
  differnt   SELF slef