Communications 2001

Spelling Errors
last updated: Tuesday, September 26, 2000

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Listed below are the words I've found misspelled on papers submitted by students in the Communications class so far this school year.  The correct spellings are in all CAPS.  The various misspellings are in lower case or mixed upper and lower case.  Click here to see the number of papers on which I found each of the following words misspelled.

ALWAYS allways   FOCUSED foucsed   PERSON prosen
AN a   GROUP grop   PHRASE frase
ARE is   HAMILTON Hamiton   REALLY realy
ATTENTION atnchen   HEAR her   SAID seaid
  attintion     here   SAYING sayin
ATTENTIVE atentive   JUDGE juge   SENTENCE sencans
BOARD bord   LANGUAGE langage     sentense
CAMERA canara   LAWYER layar   SENTENCES sintinces
CERTAIN sertain   LETTER leter   SOMETHING somthing
COMBINATION combanation   LISTEN lison   STOPPED stop
CONCENTRATE consentrait     listien   SYLLABLES slables
  consitrate     listin     syiliblys
CONSONANT consontrat   LISTENED listend   THEIR they're
CONSONANTS consaents   ME my   TOGETHER togather
CONTROL controll   MEANS meanes   VERB verd
ENERGY energe   NOISES noses   WITH whith
  engregy   NOUN nown   WORDS word
FOCUS focase   O'CONNELL OConell   WRITE wrie
  focous   OBJECT abject   YOUR yore
  focuse   OPINION opinnion     you
  foucs   OPINIONS opinnions   YOURSELF yore self