Communications 2000

Below are samples of the Status Check and Spelling Sheet Assignment that I gave out on Friday, February 11, 2000.  Only students with one or more incomplete or missing assignments received the Status Check sheet.  Likewise, only students with one or more words missing from their Spelling Correction sheets received the Spelling Sheet Assignment.

The number in the status for the Spelling Correction Sheet is the number of words missing from your sheet that should have been listed.

Should you have any questions about either of these sheets, or should you need replacement copies of one or both, e-mail me.  I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Status Check
Friday, February 11, 2000

Listed below is the current status of each paper Iíve requested from you so far this quarter. You must satisfactorily complete each one that is now incomplete or missing by next Wednesday, February 16, 2000. Satisfactory completion means that you have headed your paper properly, followed all instructions carefully, proofread and corrected your work, and presented it neatly and legibly.

Should you fail to satisfactorily complete any of the following, I will not allow you to reenter the Communications class. Instead, you will be assigned to Gloria until all your outstanding work is satisfactorily complete.

Your name goes here



Acceptance date

Class commitments

not applicable


Notebook check



Spelling Correction Sheet

Incomplete - 8


Assignment #11



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Spelling Correction Sheet Assignment

Made originally: Wednesday, January 19, 2000
Remade: Friday, February 11, 2000
Due: Wednesday, February 16, 2000

On the backside of this sheet is a list of the papers (shown with Assignment #, due date and description) on which you have misspelled words that I have not yet seen on your Spelling Correction Sheet. Beneath each ID is the total number of words that need to be added to your Spelling Correction Sheet from that paper.

You need to submit your completed Spelling Sheet by Wednesday, February 16.

If you are unable to find one or more of the words, please enter the Assignment # on the next blank line of your spelling sheet. In place of the correct and misspellings that would normally appear on that line, write out why you are unable to add that word there.

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Misspelling Detail - summary
Printed: Friday, February 11, 2000 at 10:42 am 

Words that need to be added to your Spelling Correction Sheet 

Your name goes here 
Assignment #5     11/02/1999                 Synonyms 
                        Total: 3 

Assignment #9     01/05/2000                 Measuring Improvement 
                        Total: 1 

Assignment #10  01/11/2000                  Tracking Down Answers 
                        Total: 3 

Test #1               11/05/1999                  Defining Moments 
                        Total: 1 
             Grand Total: 8

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