Communications 1999

Test #1 – Your Day in History
Friday, February 26, 1999

Your Name _____________________________________________

Proofread each written answer for clarity, conciseness, spelling, punctuation, capitalization and complete sentences. If you perform a calculation and use a calculator, write out the formula you entered and circle your final answer. If you do not use a calculator, write out the complete calculation and circle your answer. You may use anything you have with you that is listed on Handout #1. You may not borrow from another, or leave class to retrieve something you may have left elsewhere.

  1. From the information in your binder, identify an appropriate person or event that we HAVE NOT discussed in class for each of the following. In the space beneath each, briefly explain what qualifies your choice for its category, and your citation for it.

    influential person   _________________________________________________________________________



    celebrity   _________________________________________________________________________



    important event   _________________________________________________________________________



    notable event   _________________________________________________________________________



  1. According to federal government data, the average price of gallon of milk in January 1984 was $1.124. By December 1997 it had risen to $1.614. What was its inflation rate?


  1. In what year was your mother born? If you are uncertain, write down your best guess.


  1. What was the CPI for her birth year?


  1. How much money would she have found in her magic box had she opened it on January 1, 1999?



  3. In what year do you think the AIDS virus was discovered? What evidence do you have to support your answer?


  5. How long is a second? What evidence do you have to support your answer?


  1. How many words should I find on your Spelling Correction Sheet?


  1. How many have you actually listed?


  1. Of the words you have misspelled more than once, which is the one you have misspelled most often? If you have not misspelled any words more than once, simply state that as your answer.

  3. Circle the largest number in the following list.
  1. One billion
  2. One million
  3. One zillion
  4. One trillion
  1. How did you determine your answer to #11?




  3. There are now nearly 6 billion humans living on the planet. For purposes of this question, we will call the number 6 billion exactly. Assuming an equal distribution of birth dates, how many share your birthday? Show your calculations and circle your answer. This question is optional. If you do not answer it, or if your answer is incorrect, I will not lower your grade. If you respond correctly, it might help your grade.




  1. The following are the categories in which I grade your performance. What letter grade would you give yourself for each? What letter grade do you think I've given you for each so far this quarter?
Grade Category The letter grade you think you’ve earned so far The letter grade you think I’ve given you
Courteous Behavior    
Following Instructions    
Listening Skills    
Settling Down    
Spelling Sheet    
Overall Class Grade