Communications 2001

Vocabulary List #1
Thursday, September 21, 2000

Near the end of todayís class, Iíll quiz you on the words from the list below.  Youíll need to spell each word correctly, write a definition for it in your own words, and use it meaningfully in a properly written sentence (noting its part of speech).  I will not allow you to use anything other than a blank sheet of paper, a pen or pencil, and your mind during the quiz.

At the end of each Communications class, Iíll give you a list of vocabulary words that will be subject to quiz during the next class.  You will need to become familiar with them prior to that class.  In addition to knowing them for the quiz, understanding them will help you get the most from the activities in that class.

If you are viewing this list on the class web site, clicking any word on it will open a window containing the definition for that word in the online Merriam-Websterís Collegiate Dictionary.  If the Collegiate dictionary definitions are too difficult for you, try The Merriam-Webster Student Dictionary.  Its definitions are a bit easier to understand.  However, you'll have to type each word.  I am not able to link directly to them. 

Todayís List

  1. communication
  2. focus
  3. listen
  4. sentence
  5. succeed
  6. word