Communications 2001

Vocabulary List #3
Thursday, October 12, 2000
Thursday, October 19, 2000

Near the start of class, Iíll quiz you on the words from the list below.  Youíll need to spell each word correctly, write a definition for it in your own words, and use it meaningfully in a properly written sentence (noting its part of speech).  I will not allow you to use anything other than a blank sheet of paper, a pen or pencil, and your mind during the quiz.

If you are viewing this list on the class web site, clicking any word on it will open a window containing the definition for that word in the online Merriam-Websterís Collegiate Dictionary.  If the Collegiate dictionary definitions are too difficult for you, try The Merriam-Webster Student Dictionary.  Its definitions are a bit easier to understand.  However, you'll have to type each word.  I am not able to link directly to them.

The List

  1. debate
  2. electoral college
  3. federal
  4. issue
  5. political
  6. presidency
  7. qualifications
  8. speech